3rd project meeting

On the 14th of September 2022, the Breaking Weight Bias' consortium met in the wonderful Athens for their 3rd Transnational Partners Meeting!

Participants to the meeting were: Rosa Amaro from CIVIC, Emmanouela Leounaki from WHOLE, Anna Stamouli from ATERMON, Anca Georgiana Ispas, Diana Nemes and Alina Ioana Forray from BBU, Katarzyna Rak, Agnieszka Łyżniak and Katarzyna Decowska from DANMAR.

Online participants were Konstantina Katsana from WHOLE and Carolyn Usher from INOVA.

The meeting represented a nice opportunity for partners to meet in person for the first and (unfortunately) the last time since the beginning of the project.

Topics covered during the meeting mainly concerned the finalisation of the 2nd Intellectual Output, multiplier events, the outcomes of the piloting activities and finally, all the tasks relevant to the finalisation of the project.