The Breaking Weight Bias training course

A complete set of training material that will equip healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge to recognise and challenge negative attitudes towards weight while giving them tools to encourage their patients to develop a better relationship with food and their body, while they focus on health and wellbeing, instead of their weight.


IO1/A1: National desk research reports: UK / Poland / GreeceNetherlands/ Romania

Desk research comparative report

Descriptive statistics report

The Dynamic Demonstrator

An interactive tool that will enhance understanding of risks associated to weight-based stigma in healthcare and demonstrate in visual and effective ways its impact on the health of the individuals.

Breaking Weight Bias Academy, an online meeting place

An online space where users from all over the world can communicate, exchange ideas, share best practices, that has the chance to become a huge network increasing the impact of the project.

Visit the Academy here.

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